The books produced by Paralelo 10 seek to strengthen the editorial field in Colombia for topics related to art.

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The book Quiero estar contigo – I Wanna Be With You arises from the exhibition by the same name, organized by the Museum of Modern Art of Bogotá in December 2020, based on a selection of works from private collections in Colombia, and whose objective was to reflect upon different issues associated with the Covid-19 pandemic. This publication offers an analysis of art collecting in Colombia and includes a series of interviews with its protagonists whose processes have been relevant for the development of the art scene in the country.

Authors:       Claudia hakim, Eugenio Viola, María Victoria Mahecha y Gloria Cristina Samper

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The destiny of the objects: a visit to Alejandro Castaño´s collection is the first book of a series of gazes to Colombian art collections under the editorial direction of Paralelo 10. Ximena Gama’s text denotes certain practices and techniques of Colombian contemporary art in relation with works by Latin-American artists included in the collection. Diego Garzón in his interview revels Castaño’s figure as a collector and the effects it has had in the art scene.

Title: The destiny of the objects: a visit to Alejandro Castaño’s collecion
Authors: Ximena Gama, Diego Garzón and Paralelo 10


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Jesús Abad Colorado, A gaze at life profound reveals one of the country’s most important photographic archives of the armed conflict in Colombia. The prologue, written by Álvaro Sierra, tells the story of the country over the last 50 years, while curator Carolina Ponce de León analyzes some of the images captured by Colorado throughout more than two decades of visits to the country’s war zones.

Title: Jesús Abad Colorado, A gaze at life profound.
Authors: Carolina Ponce de León and Jesús Abad Colorado


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Transpolitical offers an analysis of art in Colombia at the turn of the twentieth century. Its authors explore the production of artists who left an important mark during this period and in doing so provide evidence of a journey in language, one interested in social and political issues of the nineties, while moving towards broader issues and problems at the end of the period.

Title: Transpolitical: Art in Colombia 1992-2012
Authors: José Roca and Sylvia Suárez


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An atlas: The work of Rosario López brings together in four chapters texts by Natalia Gutiérrez, curator and researcher of the National University, Scott McLeod, Canadian artist and writer, and Rosario López.

The work of Rosario López is articulated by a constant search for the notion of the landscape and continuous exploration by way of sculpture and photography. The book is chronologicaland contains contextual sketches, excerpts from interviews, and brief comments about Lopez’s work, while being supported by cartographic drawings, photographs and sculptures.

Title: An atlas: The work of Rosario López
Authors: Natalia Gutiérrez, Rosario López and Scott McLeod.


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The book Miguel Ángel Rojas: Essential. Conversations with Miguel Ángel Rojas brings together in 13 chapters (250 pages of text in Spanish and English and 200 reproductions) conversations held over three years between Natalia Gutiérrez, independent curator and researcher of the National University, and the artist himself.

Under the format of an interview, the different themes and interests raised in the works of Rojas, from the very beginnings to the most recent works, are covered in detail. Featured in the chapters are: Museo imaginario, Casa, Autorretratos, Las salas de cine, Un cierto aire, El teatro Faenza, Corte en el ojo, Ambientaciones e instalaciones, Revelados Parciales, Pinturas, Paquita, Objetos Perversos y Hojas de coca.

Title:  Miguel Ángel Rojas: Essential. Conversations with Miguel Ángel Rojas
Author: Natalia Gutiérrez.


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